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Export Financing

General discussion about export financing process and export financing sources as well as some tips for getting financial assistance to perform in export activities.

Financing Requirement

A description of export financing in order to support export activity, especially in term of working capital

Pre-shipment Financing

Financing to the customer starting from purchasing of raw materials, production to shipment of goods. The focus of this financing is to assist the production activities. However, the risk of this financing is the possibility of failure in production process

Post-shipment Financing

The financing provided to customer after the goods has been delivered until the payment of export invoice. The focus is for immediate payment, therefore the Exporter does not have to wait the payment from Importer

Tips and Tricks in Export Financing

In export financing, there are tips and tricks so that exporter can reach success in export with efficient cost

The Institutions

In export activities there are institutions that assist exporter in helping export financing, namely:

  • Indonesian export financing institution
  • PT. Export Insurance Indonesia (Persero)