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Export is an activity of shipping goods from the Indonesian custom area to the custom area of other countries.  Usually, export process starts from an offer of a party followed by the agreement from another party in a sales contract process, which in this case, are the Exporter and Importer.

Export Guide

Here are the general information for candidate exporters to conduct export activities abroad. The information will be divided into sub-topics as follows: Export basic procedure, Export Financing, Export Readiness Assessment, Free, Trade Agreement, HS Code Search and Useful Contact

Export Assistance

DGNED provide service for exporter to develop their knowledge, skills, and ability for doing export. Directorate Export Training and Education (PPEI) is the institutions who give this service.

Export Promotion

Exposure on activities for Indonesian suppliers to promote their products and is connected with the available export opportunities.

Success in Export

In order to success in Export, there so many aspects to be taken care of. Some of the factors are about handling challenges from the export environment, the international market and International export perpetrators. Some other come from inside the company, about how an exporter manage the company to have internationally qualified products, yet cost efficient.

Primaniyarta Award

Primaniyarta Award is the greatest reward given by the Government of the Republic of Indonesia to the most successful Indonesian exporters and to them who can be the role model for the other Indonesian exporters.

The granting of Primaniyarta Award is an annual agenda of the Indonesian Government through the Ministry of Trade cq Directorate General of National Export Development.