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Steps by Steps

Steps of how to start export in Indonesia, including flowchart of the export activities, starting from the licensing, order entry, shipping, payment, until the aftersales

Four Primary Stages in The Export Process (Using L/C)

Four Main Stages in the Process of Export (using L/C)

  • Sales Contract Process
  • L/C Opening Process
  • Cargo Shipment Process
  • Shipping Document Negotiation Process

Requirements for Exporters

To become an export firm must meet the following provisions:

  • Incorporated
  • Having NPWP (Taxpayer Number)
  • Having permits issued by the Government

Grand Flowchart of Export Activity

To further studying export procedures, we provide document containing an export flowchart

Payment Method

Method of payment in the export process can be done in several ways. Each way has its advantages and disadvantages. Here we describe the ways of payment in export activities


Incoterms or International Commercial Terms is the terms (a set of three letters code) which are used in International Trading to regulate, so that there is no misinterpretation in making contract. Incoterms regulates the requirements to be fulfilled in shipping or delivery of goods

Intellectual Property Rights

In Indonesia, appreciation towards intellectual property rights is still modest; therefore sometimes some people consider Intellectual Property Rights are not necessary. However, the Intellectual Property Rights are in fact useful to protect the businessmen from the possibility of unauthorized use of the rights. Therefore, it is important for the Exporter to prepare the products in relation to the IPR before conducting Export activities so that the products receive legal protection