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Steps of HS Code Interpretation

  1. Identify the good to be classified by finding out the specification, then we can choose the chapter related to the specification.
  2. Note the explanation contained in the section record or chapter record related to goods that have been classified. If there is a record that removes the goods from the selected chapter or section, note on what section or chapter the goods are classified. With this record we can find out the goods are classified in other chapters or sections.
  3. After a section or chapter complies with the specification of the goods, then the next step is to identify the heading that may covers more specific goods. Here we will define the sub-headings (6-digits), sub-heading AHTN (8-digits) and tariff heading (10-digits) to find out the charge for goods that enters Indonesia. If problems shall arise in the classification, please return to 10 points provisions to interpret HS.