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Trade Expo Indonesia

Indonesian Trade Expo (TEI) is the largest trade exhibition in Indonesia supported by government and private sector. In 2012 Indonesian Trade Expo will be held on October 17-22, 2012 in the largest expo venue in Indonesia, Jakarta International Expo, Kemayoran.

The execution of Indonesian Trade Expo 2012 is the 27th TEI, a trade exhibition attended by well-known national companies and candidate buyers from foreign countries. TEI aims to improve the image of Indonesia internationally through the potential of natural resource, creativeness and culture which is translated into various quality products, competitive and with international standard.

TEI 2011 will display all Indonesian products starting from industrial sector, mining, agriculture and also handicraft, similar to the previous years. In 2011, it was noted that TEI has succeeded in attracting over 8000 buyers from 99 countries, and from these total buyers around US$ 400 millions were recorded from the transactions. From this record, it can be concluded that Indonesia is the supplier of high quality and competitive products with notable reputation internationally.

TEI has the concept of B2B (business to business) so that the Producer can introduce their export quality product to the Buyer, while the Buyer can directly witness the product offered by the Producers, and from this a business prospect is expected to arise.

TEI 2012 Schedule:

Wednesday - Saturday (October 17-21, 2012)

Sunday (October 22, 2012)

10.00 - 16.00       : For business visitors

10.00 - 19.00       : For business visitors and public

16.00 - 20.00       : For public visitors


How to participate

Registration for the participants is as follows:

  1. Export-ready companies register by completing the participation form, the registration is submitted to the participants division or selected PEO.
  2. Attending curation process (specific for Main Product Pavilion or APU)
  3. Paying administrative requirements before the execution date to the selected PEO.

The registration can be accessed online at

Foreign Buyers

The registration can be accessed online at


Our Help

Facility provided in the TEI exhibition for the participants are:

  1. Standard booth, free improve (special for the winner of primaniyarta and coachee)
  2. Free display (special for APU Hall)


For further information on this event, please got o