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Flowchart of Customs Clearance

In general the customs procedures for export import are as follows:

  1. The exported goods must be reported in advanced to the customs office by filling out the export declaration (PEB) documents.
  2. PEB registration must include Company Master Number (NIPER) and is provided with complementary documents. PEB must be submitted no sooner than 7 days before the estimation date of export and no later than prior the exported goods enter the Custom Area. Customs complementary documents:x
    • Invoice and Packing List
    • Payment Receipt of State Non-Tax Revenue (PNBP).
    • Payment Receipt of Custom Exit (in case of exported goods subject to customs exit)
    • Documents from related technical institutions (in case the exported goods subject to provision of prohibition and/or restrictions)

    At the customs office that implements PDE (Pertukaran Data Elektronik - Electronic Data Exchange) system, the customs, exporter/PPJK (Pengusaha Pengurusan Jasa Kepabeanan – Customs Clearance Service Company) are obliged to deliver PEB using Customs PDE system.

  3. The settlement of export tax if the exported goods subject to export tax. The delivery of PEB can be done by exporter or being authorized to PPJK.
  4. Physical and documents checks of the exported goods
  5. Approval and loading of exported goods to the carriers

For better overview on the custom clearance, please refer to the following file: