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Tips and Tricks

1. Market Research

a. Determine the priority of destination Country. This step can be done by collecting data of export destinations, such as statistical data, demographics, or other competitors in that Country.

b. Conduct market access requirements. After that, explore the existing regulations in the Country, so that can it can be known what requirements should be met for entry into the Country.

From this market research, a strategy of entry to the Country will emerge.


2. Promotion

Promotion can be done via:

a. Website : Establishing website as virtual catalog which can be access by candidate buyer.

b. E-mail/Inquiry :Sending introductory e-mail to embassies, sending inquiry to DGNED or other media such as export seminar organizer.

c. Exhibition :Selecting appropriate exhibition and preparing the promotional materials to be presented in the exhibition.


3. Provision of Information

Information provided to the buyer must be correct and in accordance with what was promised, for example on production capacity, delivery time, production processes or certification.


4. Product Preparation

Exporters must best recognize the products, such as quality standards, product characteristics (whether the product is available only in certain seasons or if the product requires special treatment), packaging, production capacity and product testing, whether or not the product has already been tested in the local market or other export markets.


5. Create an attractive offer

This offer should lead to buying interest from candidate buyers with representative offers and products excellence, along with sample images or certificates.