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Indonesian Export Financing Institution

PT. Lembaga Pembiayaan Ekspor Indonesia (LPEI) or PT. Indonesian Eximbank is established based on Law No. 2 Year 2009, where it reads that this institution is a facility provided to the business entity, including individual in order to drive the national export activities.

  • Provide assistance for export, in form of Financing, so as to produce goods and services and/or other business that support Export;
  • Provide financing for transaction or project which is included into non-bankable but feasible category for improving national export; and
  • Assisting in overcoming obstacles faced by Bank or Financial Institution in providing the financing for Exporter which commercially potential and/or important for the economic development in Indonesia. Guarantee and Insurance for development


The financial product offered:

a.     Financing


1. Buyer’s credit

Financing facility provided to the importer by Indonesian Eximbank in order to improve the related export

2. Export investment credit

Financing provided to the exporter to finance the investment in order to improve the production capacity of export activities.

3. Export working capital credit (KMKE)

The financing provided based on the exporter working capital requirements. The product is divided into two types:

  • Transactional KMKE, provided based on the working capital in a cycle.
  • Annual KMKE, provided based on the working capital requirements related to sales historical data and export projection one year ahead (with consideration to respective trade cycle)

4. Financing on the import L/C or Surat Kredit Berdokumen Dalam Negeri (SKBDN) (Domestic L/C)

The financing for L/C payment or SKBDN issued by the executing bank for purchasing (import) of raw material, spare parts or engines that support the production of exported goods and service.

5. Issuance of import L/C

Financing facility provided by Indonesian Exim Bank to issue L/C in order to procure raw materials, spare parts or engine to support export activities.

6. Issuance of Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC)

Issuance Facility of Standby L/C is the facility provided by Indonesian Exim Bank to the Exporter in form of guarantee which is issued to guarantee the risk faced by beneficiary if the importer files a default over the contract/agreement which is the basis of SBLC issuance.

7. Export bill

Takeover facility of Export Bill or Bills in the Framework of Export is a financing facility provided by Indonesia Eximbank in form of takeovers of bills of exported goods or discounted services with recourse right or the right to charge to the holders of money order in the event of non-acceptance or non-payment.

8.     Trust receipt

Facilities provided by Indonesia Eximbank to exporters to release imported goods or raw materials, at the port / ship then to be processed and sold, and the sales result will be used to settle the import duty.

9.     Warehouse receipt financing

Working capital financing facility provided by Indonesia Eximbank to exporters of which the implementation is related to the value of goods/commodities owned by the Exporters in the warehouse that is managed by the warehouse manager


 b.     Sharia

1. Sharia Debt Factoring

Sharia Debt Factoring is the transfer of debt from the debtor to other parties which are obliged to pay as Exporter. In this case the exporter who owes debt to the issuing bank transfer the debt to Sharia Division of Indonesia Eximbank, and this Division will pay to the Negotiating Bank, then this Division will also do the billing to Exporters

2. Sharia Export Investment Financing

Export investment financing facility  based on the Exporter’s investment requirement using Sharia principle. Sharia principle is the provision money or bill which requires the financed party to pay the bill within certain period of time with the profit sharing in return.

3. Financing of Sharia Import L/C

Product of fund distribution in form of financing based on the principle of Murabahah and Wakalah provided by the Sharia Division of Indonesia Eximbank to settle the financing of L/C on behalf of the Customer for the purchase of imported/local goods

4. Financing of Sharia Export Working Capital (MKE)

Financing facility provided by Indonesia Eximbank based on the exporter’s working capital requirement for export using sharia principles. The financing is based on the agreement between parties which obliges the financed party to return the money after a certain period of time with profit sharing in return.

c.     Guarantee

1. Export working capital credit (KMKE) guarantee

Guarantee facility provided by Indonesia Eximbank as a guarantor to the Commercial Bank as the guaranteed for the risks of non-fulfillment of financial obligations by exporters who receive KMKE from the Commercial Bank.

2. Guarantee of import L/C

Facility in form of guarantee (confirmation) of L/C issued by another bank at the request of Customer/Exporter for the procurement of raw materials, spare parts or engine for the purpose of exports activities of goods and services.


d.     Insurance

A Product that provides protection for Indonesian exporters and Indonesia investors abroad from possible losses caused by the commercial risk and political risk. This insurance includes:

  1. Insurance for export failure risk
  2. Insurance for payment failure risk
  3. insurance for investment of the Indonesian Company abroad.
  4. Insurance for the political risk in a Country of export destination


e.     Consulting Service

For this consulting service, Indonesia Eximbank provides consulting service in form of:

1. Training and Provision of Trade Finance Information

2.     Technical Assistance