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Intellectual Property Rights

Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) consists of two categories, copyrights and industrial property rights: Copyright is the exclusive right for the creator or the recipient of copyright to publish or duplicate its creation or to give permission for the creation without prejudice to the restrictions under the applicable rules and regulations.

Whereas, the industrial property rights consist of:

  • Patent
  • Trademark
  • Industrial design
  • Integrated circuit layout design
  • Trade secrets
  • Varieties of plants

In Indonesia, appreciation towards intellectual property rights is still modest; therefore sometimes some people consider Intellectual Property Rights are not necessary. However, the Intellectual Property Rights are in fact useful to protect the businessmen from the possibility of unauthorized use of the rights. Therefore, it is important for the Exporter to prepare the products in relation to the IPR before conducting Export activities so that the products receive legal protection.

As a consequence from the membership in the World Trade Organization (WTO), Indonesia shall adjust any rules and legislation related to Intellectual Property Rights with the Trade Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPs) standards. As one of the evidences that Indonesia has put serious attention in protecting IPR, Indonesia has an authorized institution that manages the Intellectual Property Rights, namely Directorate General Intellectual Property Rights (Ditjen HKI) under the Department of Justice and Human Rights of Republic of Indonesia.

The mechanism and registration and further explanation can be found at The applicant of IPR can look up at the Ditjen HKI website whether or not the product has been registered, and the applicant can investigate to the other patent offices in the destination country