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Product Development Training

In the field of product development, PPEI provide various training program, including:

  • Product Development for Export Market

The training will train an exporter to be able to see the demands and needs of the destination export market by considering the competitor products existing in the destination market.  Using practice, the exporters can measure their capability in penetrating export market, by developing or adapting to products suitable for the market.

  • Technique and Process Control for Furniture Products and Finished Wood Product for Export
    The training is intended for beginners or persons who have been carrying out the process but had problems in the process of wood finished products and for those who want to enhance the knowledge and insight in the processing of wood finished products. In this training, there is a time for consulting individually or in group for the participants who have problems in their production process.  Besides, they can also participate in the field trip to the Furniture factory and Wood Finished Products for Export.
  •  Kiln Drying of Sawn Timber

The program is designed for Manager/Staff of Quality Control Division, Production Division, R&D Division and Marketing Division operates in the timber business. The training aims to understand and differentiate between types of drying method, operating all types of drying system, capable of drying all types of timber correctly without flaws, calculating the investment and operation of timber drying machine and capable of creating simple timber drying equipment with a relatively low cost.

  • Compound Design for Finished Rubber Goods for Automotive Parts (Non-Tire)

The training is intended for automotive industry that needs supports for high quality rubber raw materials for production and penetration in the market. After the training the participants are expected to be able and skilled in the technique of manufacturing and formula of rubber compound for automotive parts.

  • Determination of Food Storage Time

The training is intended for the food entrepreneurs to understand the determination of food expiration limit on the label. The participants will be provided with the method of determining expiration limit either theoretically or computer simulation so that they are able to determine the expiration date of their food products.

  • Food Packaging and Label

The training provides knowledge and insight to the participants about the Government policies on packaging and labeling of food products and provides technical knowledge about the proper method of product packaging for export, because this packaging should protect the contents from a variety of possible damage caused by either external or internal factors.

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