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The Juries

The selection of Primaniyarta Award's nominees was carried out by Evaluation Team implemented by representatives of relevant agencies comprise of Directorate General of Tax, Directorate General of Customs, Directorate General of Industry Relationship and Workforce Social Security, Directorate General of Intellectual Property Right, Indonesia Bank of Reserve, Directorate of Brand of The Ministry of Law and Human Right, The Ministry of Trade of The Republic of Indonesia, Center of National Design, Indonesias Export Financing Agency (LPEI), Indonesias Export Insurance (ASEI) and press (SWA magazine).

The selection of Primaniyarta Award's winners was carried out by independent jury team consisting practitioners; expert/professionals; economic observers, academics, journalist, Indonesian Chamber of Commerce (KADIN), business associations, and other related organization leaders. In this stage, the nominees were requested to explain briefly history of their companies, their export performances, the human resource and development in their companies, their research and development, the corporate social responsibilities, benefits to the community, and their strategy in facing the global era.