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International Trade Promotion

Description of promotional activities to foreign countries held by DGNED, review on the foreign trade exhibition potential to be attended by domestic exporters, and the assistance provided by DGNED to the export practitioners who intend to promote the product abroad. 

In Store Promotion

One of the promotions offered by DGNED to the exporter is n-store promotion, which is a promotion of export products by displaying and selling the products in the store in cooperation with DGNED. One example of this activity is in-store promotion at Harrods in August 1-31, 2011.

Trade Mission

Trade mission is the activity of bridging the candidate buyer in a region (in this case the foreign buyers) with the candidate exporter from Indonesia. This activity is G to B (Government to Business) activity and B to B (Business to Business) because the Government seeks to bridge both parties to achieve a business deal.

Internatonal Trade Exhibition

foreign trade exhibitions are required to expand the promotion area, and this type of exhibition is divided into two types, namely active exhibitions and independent exhibitions. Active exhibition is exhibition fully supported by DGNED, so that the participation is larger than independent exhibition.