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Education and Training Program

PPEI in collaboration with professional practitioners, officials in the field of export-import and CBI Netherlands, has developed a comprehensive curriculum, equipped with a variety of presentation methods such as case studies, exercises, role play, field trips, and internships in the import-export companies as well as export-import simulation, in order to produce professional graduates

Professional Education for Export Import Management

Export-import is a promising business activity. In nowadays globalization era, the export-import has great opportunity considering the access to market became so open. However, to be able to take the opportunity, superior capability is required, either as manager or as employee in exporter/importer company.

Professional Education of Rubber Technology

The purpose of this program is to improve knowledge and skills in the field of rubber technology, process and quality control of rubber.

International Trade Training

It is a training designed to fulfill the needs of managers in business sector. In this training a variety of practical knowledge about import export management was presented, starting from Governance, Export-Import Procedures, Export Marketing and Transportation Management and Export Financing Management.

Product Development Training

The training will train an exporter to be able to see the demands and needs of the destination export market by considering the competitor products existing in the destination market.  Using practice, the exporters can measure their capability in penetrating export market, by developing or adapting to products suitable for the market.

Promotion and Export Communication Training

Provides knowledge and skills of effective communication and promotion techniques to achieve a win-win solution business deal. The results of further negotiations will be written into the form of trade contract in accordance with the rules of international law.

Export Marketing Strategy Training

The Training on Export Marketing Strategy aims that the participants can deepen their knowledge on the export marketing in order to face the business competition in global market.

Quality Management and Competition Training

This training provides the participants with understanding of Total Quality Management Standard, 5S, and Quality Management Control System.