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The Award

Information on Primaniyarta registration, exertion, judgement and award-giving ceremony.


Primaniyarta Awards registration can be done by downloading the form and send it back to /, or deliver it in person to Directorate General of National Export Development office, or register through Provincial Department of Industry and Trade according to the domicile of your company.

The Juries

The selection of Primaniyarta Award's nominees was carried out by Evaluation Team implemented by representatives of relevant agencies comprise of Directorate General of Tax, Directorate General of Customs, Directorate General of Industry Relationship and Workforce Social Security, Directorate General of Intellectual Property Right, Indonesia Bank of Reserve, Directorate of Brand of The Ministry of Law and Human Right, The Ministry of Trade of The Republic of Indonesia, Center of National Design, Indonesias Export Financing Agency (LPEI), Indonesias Export Insurance (ASEI) and press (SWA magazine).

The Trophy

Primaniyarta Award recipients will receive Trophy and Certificates based on their winning categories. Certificates will be signed directly by the Minister of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia and Head of Jury.

The Winner

List of Primaniyarta Winner from year 2006 to 2015