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The Success Factor

Export Knowledge

Exporter or Candidate Exporter must have general knowledge of export procedures and operate in accordance with the rules, starting with the sales contract process, L/C opening process (if using a LC payment system), cargo shipment process and shipping document negotiation process. By knowing the general procedure then Exporters can find the steps to do for doing export process effectively and efficiently, such as taking care of licensing, shipping, insurance or financing.

Exporter must also understand the targeted market profile along with the requirements to export the goods to the Country.


The promotion is necessary to introduce the products to be exported to Candidate Buyer; with effective promotion, then the inquiry will come to the candidate exporter. The promotion can be done through exhibition, internet, or ITPC in certain country.


In the negotiation process, Exporters must be able to attract the attention of the candidate Buyer from the content of sales contract, but the contents of the sales contract must be in accordance with what was promised by the Exporter so that there are no problems in the future because of the inconformity in the contract.

Product Preparation and Quality Control

Prepare everything on the appropriate product specification and production capacity; in addition to that, every product manufactured must also meet the quality standards agreed in advance.