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How to Register

The requirements and way to register your company and products in are as follows:

  • The registration is free of charge.
  • The membership is open for the company domiciled in Indonesia, especially SMEs.
  • Completing the registration form correctly which consists of 2 parts:

                           1. Company profile form

                    2. Product profile form

One form for one product (maximum up to 10 products are allowed). To provide comprehensive picture on the  product, one products should be attached with 5 product photos (digital), consisting of:

    1. front view of product
    2. left view of product
    3. right view of product
    4. back view of product, and
    5. top view of product
  • Submit the completed form along with the photos to the following address: E-mail :
  • or, can be sent to:

Center for Export Information Services

  • Once the data is received, the admin will study and confirm the data if necessary
  • If all data is correct than it will be uploaded as soon as possible.