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Export Basic Procedure

Export is an activity of shipping goods from the Indonesian custom area to the custom area of other countries.  Usually, export process starts from an offer of a party followed by the agreement from another party in a sales contract process, which in this case, are the Exporter and Importer. Payment process for the shipping uses letter of Credit (L/C) or non L/C; each method has its risk and advantage

Why Doing Export

Several reason why people or company are doing export, this is come from any point of view, both history or actual occasion


list of term use in export activities complete with its definition

Steps by Steps

Steps of how to start export in Indonesia, including flowchart of the export activities, starting from the licensing, order entry, shipping, payment, until the aftersales

Customs and Export License

In export activities, there are things need to be considered carefully. These include export taxes, licensing, prohibitions and customs regulations from Indonesia

International Regulations and Standard

International world of trade currently tends to open with increase trade traffics that each Country usually implements the protections of its own.  The protection aims to safeguard the society from the products that harmful for their health, safety and environment (HSE) or possibly moral, too. The protection is usually considered as the primary obstacle by the Exporters in conducting their export activities.


List of word and term related to export