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About Primaniyarta

Brief explanation about Primaniyarta Award and the objective of this annual competition.


The Government of the Republic of Indonesia through the Ministry of Trade cq Directorate General of National Export Development (DGNED) organizes the granting of Primaniyarta Award as one of the drivers and motivators for Indonesian exporters and other businesses to continuously improve their performance in export sector.

Implementation Description

Primaniyarta Award is due to the cooperation among Directorate General of National Export Development, Local Trade Office, SWA Magazine, and Metro TV as media partner. This co-operation team work together to select Indonesian companies to be candidate of the award.

Category & Requirements

Since 2013, the granting of Primaniyarta Award is divided into 4 categories namely the High-Performance Exporters, the Global Brand Developers, the Superior Potential Exporters, and the Exporters of New Market Pioneer.


The winning companies of Primaniyarta Award will get some benefits from the Ministry of Trade


Please find out agenda for Primaniyarta award this year