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DGNED Services

The presentation of service provided by DGNED to the exporters. The service from Directorate General of National Export Development is summarized into four topics of activity (1) Market Information, (2) Product Development, (3) Export Promotion, and (4) Export Assistance

Market Information

DGNED offers information services to Indonesian exporters covering opportunities to enter market and market entry methods. The information is also offered to potential buyers of Indonesian non-oil and gas products. Today information, including trade inquiries, market briefs, products offered, buyer’s and trade fairs, is digitalized and is accessible at DGNED’s website,

Product Development

Conforming to international quality standards is a significant challenge to many Indonesian exporters. Development of design and packaging in good quality suitable for overseas market is becoming very important.

Export Information

Nation Branding is a combination of various elements of a unique multi-dimensional, which makes a country, has a different culture from other countries. Establishment of a country brand is including brand strategy in accordance with the values and characteristics of the state which is accompanied by long-term commitment in shaping and developing the nation brand.

Export Training

IETC offers various training programs both short term (1-7 days) and long term (1-2 months) which are designed by experienced practitioners and IETC instructors by focusing on the trade issues to fulfill the real business needs.