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Primary Obstacles

Physical Obstacle at the Customs

The obstacles are manifested in the checking of goods which must in accordance with the accompanying documents, such as the type and quantity of goods written in the documents.

Fiscal Obstacle

The obstacle is the import duties applied by each country.

Technical Obstacle of Standard

Standard as of PP 102 Year 2000 is the technical specification or something standardized including procedures and methods compiled based on the consensus of all parties concerned with respect to the terms of safety, security, health, environment, development of science, technology, and experience, current and future development to gain as much benefit as possible.

Usually, each Country implements standard or quality requirements for imported goods, so that the imported goods usually must pass certain certification and testing; the buyer, on the other hand, usually has specification standard agreed with the previous exporter.  Frequently, the technical obstacles in form of this standard are considered the difficult obstacles for the exporter to ship the goods, therefore WTO issued technical barrier to trade agreement to reduce the obstacles and protect the consumers.