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Buying Assistance

DGNED attempts to provide easiness and convenience to our foreign buyers in conducting trade activities in Indonesia. Here, you can get information and guidance to make purchases from suppliers in Indonesia. In addition, DGNED will also provide guidance on a business trip in Indonesia.

Buyer Reception Desk

Buyer Reception Desk (BRD) is a facility of DGNED that functions as a 'one-stop service' in providing information and guidance directly to foreign buyers who want to find the product Indonesia. One of the tasks of BRD, among others, is to set up meetings between prospective buyers and suppliers in Indonesia or related companies.

The purpose of the Buyer's Reception Desk is to provide the best service to foreign buyers who will establish trade relations with Indonesia suppliers as well as to assist finding Indonesian product sought by potential foreign buyers.

Indonesia Travel Guide

In order to support the comfort and easiness for business trip of the buyers, DGNED also provides information on travel guide to Indonesia and while living in Indonesia. The information includes immigration in Indonesia, Indonesia's tourism and other activities worth to do during their stay in Indonesia.

Stay in Jakarta

In addition to the capital of Indonesia, DKI Jakarta is a center of business and economic activities in Indonesia. You can find out more about Jakarta by visiting the following sites that provides information about the city's profile and places of business locations, hotels, restaurants and tourism associated with the city of Jakarta.