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International Trade Training

In the field of international trading, PPEI provide various training program, including:

  • Export-Import Management plus Simulation

It is a training designed to fulfill the needs of managers in business sector. In this training a variety of practical knowledge about import export management was presented, starting from Governance, Export-Import Procedures, Export Marketing and Transportation Management and Export Financing Management. At the end of training, the participants conduct field trip to Customs institution and container terminal. The following day, the participants conduct simulation of export import activity which is designed like real export import activity. The training was intended to make participants understand the export import activity comprehensively starting from the preparation and implementation of export and document negotiation.

  • Export Procedure

It is designed to train the skill of staffs on the practical knowledge of export procedures, government policy in the field of export as well as the completeness of export documents.  The training was intended to make participants understand the provisions of trade system and able to do all the export procedures in the country, especially in completing the administration with related agencies such as: Ministry of Industry and Trade, Customs, Banking, Transportation service company, etc.

  • Import Procedure

It is designed to provide technical knowledge on detailed import procedure such as import documents, collections within a country, transportation at the port, etc. The training is intended for staff/manager of the company that imports raw materials for export purpose or finished goods for domestic demands, so that the businessmen understand the government provisions and the easiness of import of raw materials or finished goods.

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