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Promotion and Export Communication Training

In the field of promotion and communication, PPEI provide various training program, including:

  • E-Commerce

The utilization of E-Commerce in export business has been perceivable today. Using E-Commerce in business activity can be faster, practical, efficient, and inexpensive. In this training the participant will obtain knowledge and skill on how to apply E-Commerce in export business effectively and efficiently.

  • Multimedia for Export Promotion

This training is intended to get participants to design and create attractive, practical and efficient multimedia-based export promotion. After attending the training, the participants are expected to be able to design and to create their promotional media either using internet (website) or dynamic interactive multimedia (Company Profile).

  • Negotiation Technique and Export Trade Contract

Provides knowledge and skills of effective negotiation techniques to achieve a win-win solution business deal. The results of further negotiations will be written into the form of trade contract in accordance with the rules of international law.

  • Export Trade Contract

Export Trade Training Contracts aims to enhance the competence and ability of participants on the international commercial contract, terms and conditions of contracts, marine insurance and resolution dispute. This training aims that the trading transactions is secured legally and all risks can be avoided.

  • Business Negotiation Technique

Training of Business Negotiation Techniques is intended for business negotiators in order to improve communication competence, particularly in the activities of designing, implementing and evaluating personnel-relations task, public relations, marketing and negotiations with a sympathetic, tactical, persuasive and effective manner.

  • Participation Technique in Trade Shows

This training is designed for private companies or institutions who want to promote their products at domestic market or abroad. Participants will be equipped with knowledge on how to choose the right trade shows, the work plan and budget, how to prepare the show, booth design and prepare brochures and other publications and also how to manage the booth during the trade shows.

  • Export Promotion Strategy

The training is designed for entrepreneurs or institutions who want to promote the products or potential of regional economy. Participants will be equipped with techniques on how to publish through various methods of promotion using printing media, broadcasting media and the space media in the trade shows.

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