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Advance Payment

Method of payment by cash payment to the exporter in advance

Advising Bank

Parties are requested by the issuing bank to submit L / C directly or through another bank to the beneficiary


Parties who filed applications to open L / C to the issuing bank

Bill of Exchange

Unconditional warrant to pay a certain amount of money to designated person on the date of payment; in order that the warrant was valid as a bill of exchange, then it must contain the terms set out in legislation

Bill of Lading

Evidence received from the shipping agent



Clean collection

Basic document which billing is only of any financial document

Commercial document

Document such as Bil of Lading, Invoice, packing list, SKA etc

Document against payment (D/P)  

Collecting bank submit documents to the importer after the importers make full payment



Document against acceptance (D/A)

Collecting bank are allowed to submit documents after the importer agreed (accept) the bill of exchange or money orders are approved within a specified period (usually 30, 60, 90 or 180 days of acceptance)

Document against payment (D/P)  

Collecting bank submit documents to the importer after the importers make full payment

Documentary collection

Billing documents based on any commercial or financial document document document plus commercial


Stands for: Ekspedisi muatan kapal laut (cargo ships expedition)

Financial document

Financial documents that have a face value of such notes or bills of exchange

Harga Dasar (HD)

is the highest level of export prices which are not affected by the export tax

Harga Ekspor (HE)

is the price determined by the Minister of Finance at the end of the month based on average prices in the international market 2 (two) weeks to calculate the FOB price of export tax on goods

Harga Patokan Ekspor (HPE)

is the price set by the Minister of Industry and Trade to calculate the export tax on the use of ad valorem tariff on goods




International Commercial Terms are terms (set of three-letter code) used in international trade to adjust to avoid mistakes in the interpretation of the contract

Issuing Bank

Party that issued the L / C applicant upon request


Method of payment in exports that use importers as an intermediary / seller who will sell the goods exported to the final buyer


Delivery of goods to importer in advance as an intermediary between the exporter or producer to the final buyer

L/C Advice


L/C Usance  

L / C that disbursements made after submission of complete documents to the Negotiating Bank

L/C Insight

L / C that redemption is not immediately done after a handover document, but after a certain period in accordance with the acceptance period of time

Letter of Inquiry

The letter requests a particular commodity from the importer

Negotiating Bank

Banks which are authorized by the issuing bank to negotiate (to take over L / C)

Open Account

Sending goods to importers in advance, payment will be done export goods upon receipt by the importer

Offer sheet

The quotation letter from suppliers

Order Sheet

Letter ordering certain goods shipped by the importers

Purchase order

Documents issued by the buyer or seller that shows the purchase of certain types of goods and explains a number of other