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Tonton Taufik

 “In 1999 I saw an advertisement “Trade Contract Via Internet” with PPEI as the organizer. I was immediately interested, although at that time I was still unemployed, but I wanted to learn about export science. Then I made a call to make my reservation. And the fact was that the participants were only 16 persons, if I’m not mistaken, not more than 20 people. It was 1999, and the Internet technology was still not developed well. We were taught on how to create E-mail account and sales letter. In that very short period of learning, I got a lot benefits from the lecturers who are very skillful in their field.

From all participants, only 2 were not exporter yet, the other have been exporters since. From those 2 persons, I am the one who have not an exporter yet, I have no product to sell. What was more impressive from the course at PPEI is the introduction from each participant. There are ornamental fish, furniture, handicraft and other exporters. They all told their experience of export. At that time, I was so amazed to those who already started their export business. The problem was just the access to buyer. Therefore, they participated in the “Trade Contract Via Internet” course to find out the potential of marketing method using Internet.

Then I created a website called for my product and and also for B2B portal to facilitate other exporters who wish to market the products abroad. Because at that time, the trade portals from Indonesia is almost zero, all came from foreign countries. So I made initiative to facilitate all exporters to promote via Internet, and the result is real and save a lot of money.

Alhamdulillah, after 3 days learning during that fasting month, from morning until iftar, I felt the benefit until nowadays. Thank you PPEI".

Tonton Taufik, PPEI graduates year 1999


Shaniqua Bamboo

“Shaniqua Bamboo Furniture is a company established since 1997 with export-orientation since the establishment. At that time, our knowledge on the export is very limited, what we know is that if we become the exporter, the buyer must be foreign people and the money we receive must be dollar (at that time 1$ = Rp 15.000 - Rp. 17.000).

Of course what matters most to us is to find out that the export documents consist of so many items and must be inspected thoroughly. We obtain the knowledge by way of learning by doing, we, as beginner entrepreneur, think as simple as possible of what we should know and then we just do it.

Fortunately, Alhamdulillah, the export proceeded well. We were eager to participate in the PPE exhibition (now TEI), one by one, the buyer finally came to us, and fortunately, the buyer is a repeat-order kind of buyer.  The struggle to get the buyer seemed to easy for us. And there came 2009 where the destination countries of export (Europe) were struck by economic crisis, and the order decreased drastically.

Shaniqua Bamboo was on crisis: buyer crisis, order crisis, financial crisis. The reduction in employees and craftsmen in the factory could not be avoided, and many felt sorry about this. 

Shanique Bamboo does not stand still, tried to rise, that on June 1-9, 2010, Department of Industry and Trade of Banten provided facility to Shaniqua to attend training in PPEI.

I was very glad to attend PPEI at that time, the event was “Export Import Management Plus Simulation”. In a very comfortable and quiet class we could do a lot of discussion and dialog on various obstacles faced by exporters and importers.  The instructor has board knowledge because they are all practitioners in their field who know best and in detail on how to become exporter or importer.

In fact, to be an exporter was not about understanding the documents, but also the mastery of market niches, calculation of export price, and so forth. What is customs? They were all answered in the training.  Brief, compact, and beneficial.

As a result, it increased the curiosity and willingness to find out more with the ultimate purpose of getting back the market once Shaniqua Bamboo has. And in October 1-3, 2010, I attended training on “Export Marketing Technique”. The training opened my perspective that world market can be reached easily if we know in details our target market, and here I get the knowledge of better marketing so that our product could be superior and the candidate buyers believe to spend their dollars to our company and buy our products.  How exciting, every time returning from the training, my head was full of ideas and plans to improve the condition at the factory and market strategy, the spirit was high.

There were other things that I had from frequent visit to PPEI, I became very informed on the easiness of export trading, such as Internet sales. For Internet illiterate like me, it seemed very difficult, however, my intention to learn more drove me to attend the training on march 22-24, 2011, entitled “Access and Market Survey via Internet”. It was not difficult to learn, but the most important was that we know the world trading websites and how to become parts of them.

Departing from autodidact export experience plus additional knowledge from PPEI training, one by one the buyer came back. At first, Shaniqua Bamboo has more than 10 repeat-order buyers, at the end of 2009, only 2 repeat-order buyers left.

Since June 2011, one by one the buyer came back. Alhamdulillah, currently, our repeat-order buyers have increase of more than 5. We are so glad to witness the life in the factory become passionate, the crafters whistle while working, and the sound of hammers starts to cheer up the day. Hopefully, the life like this will continue, hearing the craftsmen laugh while receiving their salary is the most beautiful song for us”.

Ir. Sundari Pulungan,

Alumni PPE 2010

Vice Director Shaniqua Bamboo

Delegation of PPEI in SME Workshop; Capacity-Building of Small & Medium Business in Asean, January 24-28, 2011, Seoul from Korea Center.