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Product Development

Conforming to international quality standards is a significant challenge to many Indonesian exporters. Development of design and packaging in good quality suitable for overseas market is becoming very important. Therefore DGNED provides a variety of programs to assist Indonesian companies improve the quality of their products and to comply with international market tastes and demands. One program which is initiated by the Indonesian government through inter-ministerial meeting is developing main products, potential products, and services that have been chosen as target products to be promoted. Though this program, DGNED is engaged with such activities including product development in cooperation with Trade Promotion Organizations, development of export product clusters, and development of export product brands.

Businesses are introduced to modules on product adaptation and development through trainings, workshops, and seminars led by domestic and foreign experts, which include quality, appearance material processing, workmanship, packaging, style, color, and modeling.

The involvement of business associations as well as entrepreneurs is vital to the awareness of product development and DGNED has developed a strong cooperation with business associations such as ASMINDO (furniture), AIPI (bicycles), APRISINDO (footwear), ASEPHI (handicrafts), APMI (toys), and many others.