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Market Information

DGNED offers information services to Indonesian exporters covering opportunities to enter market and market entry methods. The information is also offered to potential buyers of Indonesian non-oil and gas products. Today information, including trade inquiries, market briefs, products offered, buyer’s and trade fairs, is digitalized and is accessible at DGNED’s website,

DGNED also regularly produces magazines and newsletters, product profiles and catalogues, directories, and brochures. Publications which are intended to provide information for potential buyers are circulated directly to business executives or distributed through Indonesian Embassies and Indonesian Trade Promotion Centers.

1.         Market Intelligence & Market Brief

A market info that has important roles in order to support market diversification by enhancing exports to traditional markets and expanding exports to emerging countries. A process of systematic activities which consist of collecting, processing, analyzing data and information related to current issues related to specific customers, competitors, markets, changes in trends, policies, and new products on the market that can show the existence of threats and/or opportunities for Indonesian export products. Those Market Intelligence and Market Brief are to assist the global competitiveness of Indonesian products; DGNED produces international market intelligence and analysis prepared from research, seminars, workshops, export forums, and trade journals.

2.         Workshop, Seminars, and Training

DGNED cooperates with business associations, banks, and other institutions to organize series of seminars and workshops at national, regional, and international levels. The events not only assist product quality improvement and product adaption, but also discuss market opportunities and market entry strategies.

3.         Export Communication Forum for Small and Medium Enterprises

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) is an important sector which has significant impact in developing the Indonesian economy. One of effort to increase their capacity particularly in terms to do business as well as international trade, since 2011 DGNED organize the Export Communication Forum which intended to disseminate a related information in export trade by presenting a consultants and experts in term of international trade.

Export information which will be disseminate such as the export procedures, export financing, export insurance, market information, export promotion, design and product development.

In organizing the Export Communication Forum, DGNED opens cooperation with the Regional Office of Industry and Trade in several provinces which has a large of number of export oriented SMEs and ready to penetrate overseas market.

4.         Buyer Reception Desk (BRD) & Inquiry Service

Trade Inquiries is one of DGNED services addressed to the overseas buyer and Indonesian exporter which is interested to establish a business partnership among them. Inquiries are received through email, fax, official letter, telephone and also through their visit to DGNED’s office.

Buyer Reception Desk (BRD) was established in 1986 with its function as one stop service for overseas buyers who visit Indonesia to purchase Indonesian export products. The BRD assist buyer to conduct business meeting with the Indonesian manufacturer or exporter which are dealing with the product interested at DGNED’s office and countinued to the factory if needed. In assisting overseas buyer in Indonesia, BRD also provides transportation for their business activities with Indonesian as well as escorting them until their departure time.

5.         Export Library

DGNED manages an export library which the purpose is to develop knowledge in the field of export, especially for the business community and other users view supply various latest collection. This library containing over 8,000 titles on relevant export subjects with various periodicals such as magazines, newspapers, both domestic and overseas related to export activities, and use the application system of easy public library to facilitate the required export information.

If you need a reference or publication of data related to export activities, please come to our Export Library, located on the 3rd floor Main Building Ministry of Trade, Jalan M. I. Ridwan Rais no. 5 Jakarta Pusat 10110, with the opening hours at 9 am to 3 pm on Monday to Friday.