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Strategic Values

DGNED's Vision is:

Manifest the competitiveness of Indonesian`s non-oil and gas global product and intensify the role of non-oil and gas export in order to stimulate the National Economic Growth.

DGNED's Missions are:

  • To increase the competitiveness of product and service\'s export
  • To increase the exporters competence to penetrate the global market
  • To expand the prime quality service to the business's players
  • To strengthen the institutions of export development
  • To increase the officers professionalism, transparency and performance's accountability

In order to supports both the vision and missions, NAFED also sustain VALUES which are:

  • Proffesionalism
  • Integrity
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • To strengthen the institutions of export development
  • Prime Service

Supported by expert staff of over 300 people, NAFED have built up 30-years experience in assisting thousands of companies, large and small, to sell their products in markets around the world. NAFED provides a comprehensive range of services including market identification and research, advice on export procedures and regulations, invitations to take part in trade fairs and trade missions at home and abroad.