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    Foul Play in Fishery Exports, says National Assoc

      January 30, 2012. Category: buyer

    TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta:The Indonesian Fishery Businessmen Association says the accusation that Indonesian fish were contaminated by mercury is part of a shady business strategy to harm the industry. Despite the prevalence of such rumors, however, the volume of fish exports has not dropped. Last year, frozen fish exports accounted for 3.14 percent of the total export value of US$3.2 billion. “It could be a business strategy,” the association’s ...
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    Iran moves to downgrade UK ties

      November 27, 2011. Category: buyer

    Iran's parliament votes to downgrade diplomatic relations with Britain after the UK imposed fresh sanctions over Iran's nuclear ambitions.

    VIDEO: Arab League adopts Syria sanctions

      November 27, 2011. Category: buyer

    The Arab League has approved fresh sanctions against Syria, including an asset freeze and an embargo on investments.

    Egypt braced for more conflict

      November 27, 2011. Category: buyer

    Jeremy Bowen on the tensions at heart of Cairo's Tahrir Square

    VIDEO: Syria: BBC undercover in Homs

      November 23, 2011. Category: buyer

    An Arab League deadline for Syria to allow an observer mission or face sanctions has passed with no response from Damascus to the ultimatum.

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