Product Category
Fresh and Dried Ginger
Exporter : PT. Mega Glori Internasional

Category Agriculture - Vegetables -
Color Yellow
Dimension 150 gr up
Raw Material Ginger
Capacity 300000
Price (US $) 0
Minimum Order 1000
Product Description



1.      Description:

The whole ginger root (Zingiber officinale), semi-organically cultivated.

2.      Available size (weight):

150 grams up, 200 grams up, 300 grams up

3.      Processed:

Washed, Unwashed, or Sun Dried (Based on Request)

4.      Pack size:

50 Kilograms Nett.

5.      Physical Analysis:



Pale Yellow

Flavour / Odour

Pungent, aromatic, and characteristic of ginger.

6.      Nutritional Information:



Typical in 100 grams


80 kcal


1.82 g


0.75 g

Carbohydrate, by difference

17.77 g

Fiber, total dietary

2.0 g

Sugars, total

1.70 g



Vitamin C, total ascorbic acid

5.0 mg


0.025 mg


0.034 mg


0.750 mg

Vitamin B-6

0.160 mg

Folate, DFE

11 µg

Vitamin E

0.26 mg

(Source: USDA Nutrient Database)

7.      Uses:

The root is used as a spice for culinary purposes and for ginger beer, ginger ale and ginger wine. An essential oil is used in flavouring essences and perfumery

8.      Packaging information:


Type of packaging

Mesh bags, Plastic Bags with Carton for Sliced Dried Ginger, or based on customer’s requirement.

Label / Printing

Product name, Origin, and Net. Weight.

9.      Shelf Life & Storage:

24 (twenty four) months maximum if kept in a cool, dry conditions and away from direct sunlight.

10.  Fumigation:


11.  Minimum Order Quantity:


Trial Order:

Minimum 1 (One) Full Container Load 20’ (15 Tonnes)

Next Order:

Minimum 1 (One) Full Container Load 40’ (25 Tonnes)

Sliced Sun Dried Ginger

Minimum 2.5 Tonnes

12.  Container Type:


a.       Washed Ginger

Reefer Container or based on customer’s request

b.      Unwashed Ginger

Dry Container

c.       Sliced Sun Dried Ginger

LCL Dry Container with Optional Plastic Pallet

13.  Processing Capacity:


a.       Washed Ginger

1,000-2,500 Kg per day

b.      Unwashed Ginger

No Processing Required

c.       Sliced Sun Dried Ginger

200-300 Kg per day


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