Product Category
BATIK TENUN_Sarong and 1 Pcs of Cloth size 90 cm x 250 m Khas Kediri
Exporter : CV. KOTATAHU

Code BTK_TI_Sarong and BTK_TI_general
Category Apparel - Apparel Agents -
Color Sesuai Pesanan / refer to the Purcahsing Order (PO)
Dimension 120 cm x 120 cm
Raw Material Benang tenun sutera
Capacity 15
Price (US $) 26
Minimum Order 6
Product Description

IT IS CALLED BATIK TENUN IKAT, Minimum Order 6 Pieces, the Sarong size is 120 cm x 120 cm  and the size every piece of Cloth is  90 cm x 250 cm ( Standard ). The Products size of Sarong instantly the sheet size of clothing and also the motif/ design of products can be ordered concern what the customers need. The  There are 3 ( three) Catagory of Price : 26 USD , 37 USD and 51 USD FOB Port Price Tanjung Perak, Surabaya. Buying more than 500 USD payed by  At Sight Irrevocable L/C. Contact me through email : or whatsapp 62-8123401562  in order to acheive a long period relationship of Business. Visit my website : and I will send my Profile company and My Vision, Mission and Operation Policy of my relatively small company as well . We are seeking to find the partner in Europe and all over the World.