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Holisticare Ester-C (Vitamin C)
Exporter : PT. Indocare Citrapasific

Category Health & Medical - Pharmacy Stock -
Dimension Box of 1 bottle @ 30, 60, 90 tablets; Box of 12 strips@ 4 tablets; Box of 1 bottle @ 30 chewable tablets; Box of 1 tube @ 10 effervescent tablets
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Capacity require NDA
Price (US $) negotiable
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Product Description
  • Non-Acidic Vitamin C
  • Helps to maintain immune system
  • Low level of acidity, safe for ulcer sufferers
  • Low level of oxalate deposit
  • The effervescent tablet has 3 flavors, which is orange, mango and blackcurrant
  • Holisticare Ester-C kids is in chewable tablet form, it use xylitol as natural sweetener to help preventing tooth cavity. It has orange flavor