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Bye Bye Cicak-Lizard Repellent Spray
Exporter : PT. Sangreat Natural Indonesia

Code SanGreat-BBLizard-S
Category Home & Garden - Cleaning & Storage Products - Household Chemicals
Color Red-Black
Dimension 100 ml
Raw Material Sea weed, essential oil
Capacity 50.000 kg/month (500.000 pcs/month)
Price (US $) 5
Minimum Order 1
Product Description

Bye Bye Cicak Spray-Lizard Repellent

Natural repellent for lizard.

Non Pesticide !!

Product Description:

Bye Bye Cicak (Bye Bye lizard) is an essential oil specially formulated as a lizard repellent.

Most lizards don't like the fragrance of Bye Bye Cicak. So that lizards will not get close to where the fragrant Bye Bye Cicak smells.


Bye Bye Cicak is non pesticide, isn't poison, so it won't make lizard die. But they will uncomfortable and can not stand along in the room whith the smell of Bye Bye Cicak



Function of Lizard BB

§  To break the lizard territory

§  Prevents lizards from approaching or entering certain areas (lizards repellent)

How to use:

1. Clean the area of ??the house from the former lizard feces and items that are easily used as lizard nests.

2. Spray Bye Bye Cicak spray to a place that is often passed by lizards or hiding lizards

3. Better to spray it when the lizard active.

4. The more often sprayed on the area which is often traversed lizards or hiding lizards will makes lizards reluctant to hide in these areas

Disclaimer : Bye Bye Cicak effect will be different for each lizard