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Palm Bunch Ash
Exporter : CV. Mulia Agro Pratama

Category Agriculture - Agricultural Growing Media -
Raw Material
Capacity 500
Price (US $) 200
Minimum Order
Product Description

Palm bunch ash - organic potash

Palm Bunch Ash is a good source of organic potash. Potassium (K) also known as Potash, is necessary for the plants as it helps in the building of protein, photosynthesis, fruit quality and reduction of diseases. Sweetness measured by the sugars is dependent upon K. Potassium helps increase stalk strength and strong buds.


Potassium is supplied to plants by soil minerals, organic materials, and fertilizer.

Palm bunch ash is very suitable for neutralising acidic soil. This potash is an invaluable component in the formation of compound fertilizer

Our product specification for palm bunch ash is as below:

Packaging: 25Kgs new pp woven bags with Inner Plastic  or 850kg/bag palletized or not palletized
- Quantity: 1x20fcl = 20mt or 17mt
- Specification:

Citric acid Soluble Potash (K2O) = 35% Min
Water Soluble Potash (K2O) = 30% Min
Moisture = 10% max
Mesh Size 6mm = 100% Passing