Product Category
Cleaned Indonesia
Cleaned Indonesia's edible bird nest / sarang burung walet/ yan wo
Exporter : CV. Sederhana Agro Mubarak

Code SBN003
Category Agriculture - Animal Products - Fowl & Livestock
Color white to yellowish
Dimension 1-3 gram per piece
Raw Material edible bird nest
Capacity 1 to 5 kg per month
Price (US $) 1300 per kg or 1.3 per gram
Minimum Order 500 grams
Product Description

Other shapes cleaned edible bird nests (EBN) are well structured EBNs which are different from bowl-shaped and triangle-shaped edible bird nests. This type of bird nests are made from the another part of raw and unprocessed bowl-shaped bird nest or from broken-shaped nests.