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Administrative Profile of Directorate General of National Export Development.


DGNED is Indonesia’s window to the world for export development and has developed excellently in identifying new markets and opportunities overseas for producers which are capable of meeting the requirements of the markets. As a non-profit government agency, DGNED provides all of its services free of charge.

DGNED Worldwide

Presentation of service, address, and contact of the trade attache office and also extension office of DGNED, either domestic or abroad.

DGNED Services

The presentation of service provided by DGNED to the exporters. The service from Directorate General of National Export Development is summarized into four topics of activity (1) Market Information, (2) Product Development, (3) Export Promotion, and (4) Export Assistance


Here are the release or publications by Directorate General of National Export Development. In general, the publication is presented into the download feature.